▶ Dec 2020: Check out the work in progress satire of Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk: Capital Volume 1 online at perebite.com/cyberpunkcapital!

▶ May 15th 2020: Mambo Number Infinity: Sequence 200 will be included in CMU's BFA senior exhibition, NO TUTORIAL, which opens online at notutorial.art!

▶ May 8th 2020: My Candid Egomaniacal Guts, a performance involving a presentation of some candid photos my family took of me during my last week of college under quarantine, is on Youtube!

▶ April 2nd 2020: Storytime with Granddad: is a virtual participatory puppet theatre. The chat controls granddad, while I pilot the naive, obedient grandson. Watch it by clicking on the link.

▶ February 14th 2020: Mambo Number Infinity performed at the Frame Gallery: Full performance with timestamps on link click!

▶ December 6th: The fifth Tartan Fart will occur from 6pm to 9pm at CMU School of Art: Open Studios!

▶ November 23-24 2019: New work was shown as part of the Mirage VR Spa at 3577 Studios. Documentation on link

▶ November 6-12 2019: Soccer on an Expanding Field runs at the Ellis Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University. Documentation in the works section.